The beginning of our history

Ciemel, Compañía Industrial Electromecánica Ltda., was founded in 1968 with the purpose of supplying electrical wiring harnesses to Chrysler Colmotores.

The 70s

During this decade, new businesses are acquired and it positions itself as a market leader in the electromechanical market

During the 70s, Ciemel positioned itself as a market leader in the electromechanical market when it started supplying wiring to Sofasa Renault, Compañía Colombiana Automotora (CCA), and to General Motors when Chrysler sold its operation.

During this decade, the company also expanded its investments in other sectors: it acquired 25% of the operation of Arango Gonzalez A and G Ltd., becoming Arneses y Gomas; it then acquired 200 hectares of land located in the municipality of Soacha, Cundinamarca, to begin re-forestation activities.

Finally, it entered the concrete manufacturing business with its company Concretos Industriales Colombianos (CIC). Ciemel acquired a subsidiary located on Kilometer 21 of the Autopista Norte (in Bogotá), where it built its manufacturing plant. The company converted to a limited liability partnership under the name FMontoya Compañía Industrial Electromecánica S.C.A.

The 80s

Ciemel fortifies its agricultural activity undertaking the reforestation and preserving its native forests

Ciemel began the decade with a significant change: it again changed its name, to Ciemco Ltda., Compañía Industrial Electromecánica Ciemel and Compañía S.C.A.. With Corporación Ciemel as its management company, it adopted new bylaws. From this point on, and throughout the 80s, Ciemel extended its supply of electrical wiring to several auto brands such as Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Toyota Sofasa in Colombia, and to Chevette and Suzuki in Venezuela. It also started two new companies: Delagro and Bosques de Canoas, diversifying its portfolio of services into the agricultural sector.

Delagro was created for the production and sales of fresh fruit such as blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries, and pitahaya, among others, to markets in the USA and Europe.

Bosques de Canoas was created for the re-forestation and exploitation of forests.

The 90s

To the rhythm of the economy’s internationalization, both Yazaki Ciemel and Helechos de Cuero are founded

Ciemel began the 90s with 90% of the Colombian market for automotive wiring. Due to significant growth in the market and the needs of their customers, a joint venture agreement between the Japanese company Yazaki Corporation and Ciemel was signed, forming Yazaki Ciemel in 1995. The company established itself as the country\'s largest assembler of electrical distribution systems for the automotive sector.

On the other hand, in the agribusiness sector and even though Delagro suspended its operations, Helechos de Cuero started running in Costa Rica with the objective of expanding the company into foreign markets.

The 21st Century

Continuing its expansion: new challenges At the turn of the century, Ciemel continues to expand

Productos Concretos was born with the acquisition of the CIC plant. Minas de Canoas began operations with Gravillera Albania and started supplying materials for the construction of the ALO (Western Longitudinal Highway). The company increased its share in Arneses y Gomas, assuming control over this entity. And finally, in 2009, a significant change in ownership of the company took place when the controlling partners bought 100% of the company.

In early 2012, the construction of Gamtec’s plant began. By January 2013 Gamtec began operations. At the same time, Ciemel decided to shape and modernize its brand, and changed its name to Ciemco Ciemel Ltda & Cia S.C.A. as part of this process.

For its 45th year anniversary, April 29 2013, Ciemel launches its new corporate identity seeking for new investment opportunities. By mid 2014, Bosques de Canoas and Más Verde sign a joint venture creating Experiencia Verde.

Finally, on 2015, Yazaki Ciemel celebrates its 20th year anniversary.

On November 11 2016, Francisco Montoya Saenz, our founder, passes away leaving a footprint in everyone's heart. His legacy is remembered in everything he built and every heart he touched. On April 29 2018, Ciemel celebrates 50 years of it's foundation.


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