Grupo Andino de Mezclas Técnicas S.A.S., GAMTEC S.A.S., was founded in 2011. It manufactures, markets and distributes technical mixtures for construction. Its main products are dry mortar paste and stucco, structural paste and stucco, and structural grouting. The company owns a modernized plant with a capacity of more than 34,000 tons/year, located in the Canoas sector in the municipality of Soacha, Colombia. The plant was built with an up-to-date environmental system that enables it to keep its footprint smaller than what regulations require and to maintain its harmony with the environment.

Furthermore, the company offers the construction industry integral solutions for their mortar needs, delivering a technically sound, homogeneous product that meets the required quality and performance standards in a timely and price-competitive way. Gamtec’s dry mortar is thus a high value-added for the construction business, generating trust, efficiency and economy. 



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Oficinas: Carrera 11 A # 90 - 16 Piso 6, Bogotá, Colombia
Teléfonos: (571) 610 9801 / (571) 610 9804
Fax: (571) 610 9792 -