Bosques de Canoas

Ciemco Ltda. Bosques de Canoas S.C.A. was founded in 1989 in the municipality of Soacha, Colombia, as an agribusiness company dedicated mainly to maintaining native forests and exploiting other forests for commercial purposes. As time has gone by, it has expanded its portfolio to include livestock, beekeeping, coffee production, and the nursery and production of ornamental plants and trees for reforestation, among others.

With more than 25 years of experience, the company owns approximately 600 hectares, 307 of which are planted with wood species, and 191 with native forests. The company also has a nursery with aromatic herbs, ornamental plants and succulents, as well as trees for reforestation, commercial plantations and landscaping.

The company’s production and harvesting program is adapted to minimize environmental impact by complementing use of the terrain for forestry with livestock and bee keeping activities, protecting water sources and promoting the recovery of native species. Planting trees for shade purposes as well as for the evaluation of wood species allows the lands where animals feed to be reforested.

In the end, Bosques de Canoas plays the role of forest-keeper by supplying plants and trees for a sustainable future.

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