Yazaki Ciemel

Yazaki Ciemel S.A., is a Colombian-Japanese company, that during these past 20 years, has focused its main activity to the assembly of electric distribution systems (EDS) for the automotive and home appliance industries. The company was created out of Ciemel’s experience in the electromechanical field in Colombia, bringing Ciemel and Japanese Yazaki Corporation together with a shared goal: to invest and grow business in our region.

Yazaki Ciemel’s main market is original equipment for automotive assembly; for this reason, it directs its product offerings at local and foreign assembly companies. Yazaki Ciemel boasts the most highly qualified personnel, trained to use the latest technology and automated equipment, which allows the company to manufacture its products with the highest quality and vehicle safety standards.

“One in three vehicles in the world have a Yazaki harness. Half of the vehicles in the world have a Yazaki part.”




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Oficinas: Carrera 11 A # 90 - 16 Piso 6, Bogotá, Colombia
Teléfonos: (571) 610 9801 / (571) 610 9804
Fax: (571) 610 9792 - info@ciemco.com